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Camden Comfort Store

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Pain-Relief Creams, Orthotics, and More

Relieve pain the natural way with topical pain-relief creams and orthotics from Camden Comfort Store. Our locally owned shop in Camden, SC, has all you need to help keep your pain at bay. Whether you suffer from muscle pain or a bad back, we have you covered with our assortment of quality products.

Pain-Relieving Creams

Say goodbye to pain and soreness with our full line of topical pain-relief products. Featuring Real Time Pain Relief, CBDMD and R&R Medicinals pain relieving creams and roll ons. We offer a variety of pain-relieving products varying in strength. You'll experience relief in minutes from these great-smelling creams. We also carry sports, foot, and hand creams.

All creams start at $10.00 and up.

Supportive Inserts

Get the support you need with insoles and orthotics from HappyFeet. This leading maker of massaging fluid insoles offers specially made inserts designed to support you throughout the day. By wearing these inserts, you'll enjoy increased circulation, as well as relief from back, lower back, hip, knee, and feet pain. We have a variety of sizes in stock for both men and women.

Comfy Beds for Restful Nights

To provide you with further relief from pain, we carry adjustable beds. These ultra-comfortable bed bases, mattresses, and other products will provide you with endless comfort to ensure a good night's sleep. They come in sizes twin XL to king and can be purchased here.

Streaming TV Service

Enjoy the ultimate in comfort at bedtime with an EzeTV media streamer. We carry TV boxes for streaming that give you access to over 1,000 different channels. Sit back and relax in your adjustable bed as you watch your favorite programs on the EzeTV media streamer.

Comfy Beds